In a few weeks we will be ready with the new line of organic products: our coffees are certified and grown following a strict environmental sustainability regime. But the content is not the only important thing when it comes to respecting the environment and protecting the quality of an excellent food product. Packaging also plays a crucial role. That’s why we have another news to announce: we will be using new types of totally recyclable packaging. After months of studies in partnership with a flexible packaging company, we have tested a high barrier material, composed of only one type of plastic. This choice ensures, on the one hand, the recyclability of the package and, on the other, guarantees the consumer the perfect preservation of the product he buys.

A choice of innovation that we hope you will appreciate and enjoy

In a few weeks we will be ready with the new line of organic products: our coffees are certified and grown following a strict environmental sustainability regime.


In BellCaffè we have made ‘our’ the concept of Environmental Sustainability which, for us, means guaranteeing the stability of our ecosystem in order to be able to meet the needs of today without compromising the possibility for Generations Future to satisfy their needs tomorrow .

For this reason, in BellCaffè, we have started business practices both in the production lines and in the marketing, which have made us an active part of environmental policies in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol practices aimed at contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 emissions.


This led us to have the ISO 14000: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification which demonstrates how our factory meets the international paraments in relation to the improvement of the processes that have an impact on the environmental aspect. These ‘good practices’ are voluntary and not all companies take care to apply them in their productive life. In our company culture, on the other hand, it means increasing the satisfaction of our customers by improving production processes in terms of higher quality, healthiness and reliability, reducing the impact on the environment of our production, improving the conditions of the human habitat with the consequent improvement of everyone’s life on Earth.


In the production lines, our boilers use a program to reuse the cooking fumes that are re-introduced in the roasting process. This drastically reduced the amount of energy needed for roasted coffee production procedures.


In particular, for the concrete reduction of CO2 emissions, in BellCaffè we have created a photovoltaic system that has made the company 100% independent from the electricity grid, reducing our share of CO2 emissions connected to the supply of electricity to zero.


To reduce our ‘weight’ in relation to CarbonFootPrint or the ‘carbon footprint’ on the environment that all human activities leave, we have given birth to the planting of numerous trees for the environmental regeneration of the level of CO2 in the environment. Our production is aimed at reducing the quantity of non-recyclable waste while in our commercial and marketing policies both in Italy and abroad, we have started processes aimed at favoring and promoting products and packaging with low environmental impact and recyclable with a strong awareness towards our customers for waste management.


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