100% Ecological: fragrance and environmental compatibility

In the pods, the coffee is packaged one-by-one in a modified atmosphere in order to keep the aroma. The paper of the pods produced by BellCaffè is eco-friendly certified, free from phthalic acid harmful for human health. Today this is the only bio friendly support 100% compostable. In fact, in the pods there is no plastic, there are no metal parts and there is no aluminium.

Coffee with an intense aroma and a sweet and persistent aroma. Dense and persistent cream, full-bodied drink.

Caffè forte, dal gusto deciso. Aroma forte e persistente.

Coffee with an intense fragrance and a sweet and persistent aroma. Half full-bodied drink with a very low amount of caffeine.

The pods produced by BellCaffè are 100% and eco-friendly. The paper used for filters is certified free from phthalic substances, namely plastic substances, which at high temperatures, are transferred to the coffee-powder in the bag.