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We, Bellcaffè, 40 years of growth

Our history

The BellCaffè company was founded in 1973. A year in which Ireland, the United Kingdom and Denmark become members of the EEC; Martin Cooper makes the first phone call with a cellphone. And in Modica, in the extreme entrepreneurial South of Sicily, Mario, Angelo, Ignazio and Giuseppe decide that artisanal coffee roasting can be their own challenge to play: with courage and not a little recklessness. Heroic times, in which the purchase of a 60kg wood-fired roaster requires a lot of courage. Time, however, gives reason to BellCaffè, a brand in continuous growth and appreciated in all supermarkets.

After many years BellCaffè Italia srl is still in Modica, in the very modern plants of c.da Serrauccelli, perfectly automated and computerized, where the production process of roasting, packaging, packaging, shipping follows the modern rules on product healthiness and high standards. quality of procedures. A technological know-how of today, carried on by the children of those entrepreneurs, a Second Generation that bases its essence on experience and craftsmanship.

oday, BellCaffè is one of the most renowned roasting companies in Southern Italy, whose roots in its territory are a proud added value. In the new production plant, seasoning warehouse, integrated internal logistics management, centralized service for assistance for express machines, one of the best and healthy entrepreneurial realities of Iblean is concentrated.

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