BellCaffè was born in 1973. That year Ireland, the UK and Denmark became members of the EEC. Martin Cooper made the first call from a mobile phone. The “Watergate Scandal” broke.
And in Modica, in the business environment of the deep south of Sicily, Mario, Angelo, Ignazio and Giuseppe decide that the handmade coffee roasting can be a challenge to play with courage and a great deal of unconsciousness.

“Brave times”, when the purchase of a 60-kilo roasting machine implies the same quantity of promissory notes. When the laboratory/ warehouse / office is barely of 120 sqms, when you roast in the morning and in the afternoon you go selling to some small shops or coffeehouses.

Time, however, agrees with BellCaffè, whose brand name is the contraction of the founding associates’ surnames. Then, switching between moments of enthusiasm and others of difficulty, in 1983, we get the first enlargement. The 120 sqms are replaced by a larger warehouse and the 60 kilo roasting machine makes room for the 240 one. Supermarkets change the buying habits and technology takes hold: the vacuum seal, the semi-automatic wrapping machines and the roasting automatic control. Market and time keep on agreeing with the “Bell boys”, appreciating the perfect roasting of a coffee that is always of high quality. Thanks to this, the company keeps on expanding.
Today, BellCaffè Italia srl is still in Modica, in the highly modern factory of c.da Serrauccelli, perfectly mechanized and computerized. Here, the productive process of roasting, wrapping, packaging and shipping respects the new rules concerning the wholesomeness of the product and the high-quality standards of the Uni En ISO 9001:2008 procedures, the ISO 14000 : 2004 environment validation and of the reduction of the carbon foot print according to the ISO 14067:2013 procedures. A modern technological skill carried on by the children of the first entrepreneurs, a Second Generation whose spirit is based on the experience of that handmade skill which has never been forgotten.


Today, Bellcaffè is one of the most prestigious roasting companies in the south of Italy, whose roots in the local social environment add a precious value. The new production factory – with aging warehouse, internal integrated logistics management and centralized service for express machine assistance – gathers one of the best and healthiest business realities of the Iblea area. The high quality and tastiness of the product together with a clear strategy of development has helped BellCaffè to be present on the national market in several regions. Moreover, it has started a local partnership for the exclusive distribution of the company’s products in the dynamic market of the Albanian Republic.