Essential for a good morning, a good excuse to get together, and inevitable to end the meal.
But not only, coffee is also a delicious and original ingredient for your recipes.

'My way' coffee

Very particular in presentation and flavour, it is prepared with a hot espresso drowned in a soft hazelnut sauce and honey, covered with a delicate whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and hazelnut grains.

Ingredients: coffee, hazelnut sauce, honey, whipped cream, chocolate chips, hazelnut grains

'Sweetly coffee'

It looks like a simple cappuccino, but it contains a very sweet surprise of hot chocolate, wrapped by milk foam and covered by a sprinkling of cocoa.

Ingredients: coffee, cocoa, milk foam, hot chocolate
*recipe kindly offered by “Sweetly” from Empoli

Coffee Mania

Of an intense and refreshing flavour, this espresso is mixed in a shaker with sugar and a pinch of cinnamon and served on a fresh base of coffee snow cone covered with a soft layer of whipped cream garnished with cinnamon chips.

Ingredients: coffee snow cone, whipped cream, cinnamon, sugared espresso

Mixed citrus

Intense and sophisticated, it combines the unique flavour of hot espresso mixed in a shaker with sugar and ice and the typical, unmistakable flavour of the Sicilian citrus fruits.

Ingredients: coffee, sugar, crushed ice and small lemon peels

'Marocchino' coffee

Perfect to enjoy a sweet break, 'marocchino' is prepared with a hot base of espresso coffee covered with a delicate milk foam and sprinkled with tasty cocoa.

Ingredients: coffee, milk foam, cocoa powder


A blend of colours and flavours makes this cold coffee unique covered with soft whipped cream, fresh coffee cream and tasty pistachio grain.

Ingredients: cold coffee cream, whipped cream, cold coffee, pistachio grain

Martin coffee with Sicilian perfumes

The Sicilian perfumes stand out in this refined hot espresso covered with a soft milk foam, honey and cinnamon, with delicate lemon and orange peels and the traditional chocolate of Modica.

Ingredients: coffee, milk foam, honey and cinnamon, small orange and lemon peels, chocolate chips from Modica
*recipe kindly offered by Martin Café from Modica


A pleasure that begins and ends with coffee taste. Hot espresso, covered with soft whipped cream flavoured with delicate coffee powder.

Ingredients: coffee, whipped cream, coffee powder

On the rocks

Looking more like a cocktail, actually it is a tasty hot espresso, served with ice cubes, sugar and flavoured with small lemon peels.

Ingredients: coffee, ice, sugar, small lemon peels

Drops of espresso

The unmistakable aroma of hot espresso gently blends with the sweetness of whipped cream, seasoned with a cocoa sauce and garnished with delicious chocolate drops.

Ingredients: coffee, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate drops